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Smartphones and other mobile devices constitute a market that has been growing by the day. Thanks to this, in order to have a good presence in the online world, it is very important for your website to be compatible with any smartphone or mobile device.

There are some types of websites that the best approach is to make a mobile version of it. With others it is preferable to implement automatic settings for its layout to adjust dynamically to the screen width and its content to change depending on the operative system and mobile device or desktop. Regardless of which type of mobile version of the site you need, you have to know that it is now indispensable for your website to work good in a mobile device.

If you have a working web application or are planning to make one, have you considered the possibility of having a mobile application for this as well? Many people try to take advantage of their time (or lack of time), and check their e-mails, pay the bills, do some shopping, or even check to see how the surf is, while riding the bus or while stuck stuck in traffic; so why not help them out by developing an application that mirrors the desktop version, designed especifically for them? We develop either hybrid or native applications. Consult us to obtain more information.

Mobile features:

  • Hybrid or native apps
  • Javascript animations
  • Internal search engines
  • Calendars
  • Photo and video galleries
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